Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"Babri masjid" verdict is on cards and "communal harmony" is the buzzword that emanates in our surroundings.Newspapers, T.V. channels and all other sources of media are inundated by the slogans like....."INDIA IS A SECULAR COUNTRY"....."WE SHOULD MAINTAIN COMMUNAL HARMONY" and blah blah blah!!!But i guess we should try to find out answers of few simple question which goes....."WHATS GONNA CHANGE AFTER THE VERDICT"......"IS THE VERDICT GOING TO AFFECT OUR OWN LIFE".....

In theoretical sense nothing gonna change after the verdict and our life style would also remain the same...but in practical sense no Indian can deny the fact that the "babri masjid verdict" is in the back of his/her mind.why this paradox???And this is a million dollar question.

Even if you don't have a great idea about the Indian constitution then also you would remember the message of the preamble which goes as "WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;"

But then the question arises that in this SECULAR country how the babri masjid was demolished and till date no decision has come regarding the demolition??

So its better to leave this "secular rhetoric" for our politicians and try to find out the real solution to this grave problem.This time i am not going to point out at our politicians or policy makers.Its not their fault.Actually we have only elected them so its insane to criticize our own representatives.Still the question remains that who is responsible for this "NON SECULAR INDIA".......

And you may be surprised to note that the answer is the "educated Indians".....yeah really.....no doubt these days India has become a huge market and is boasting to become a super power in the near future....our G.D.P is going to touch a two digit mark and a great share of these credit goes to our "educated people".....but when it comes to communal harmony then there is hardly any difference between an educated citizen and a non-educated one....both behave in the same cynical manner.....

So after courts verdict how can we assume that there would be a communal harmony if its already absent there.....courts verdict is only an excuse, the fact is that we are going to fight anyway....

Today i read a piece of news on the front page of Times of India in which there was a story of a small village of karnataka where the Hindus donated for the renovation of an old Mosque.and this news gave me a spark that why cant we solve this babri masjid issue with mutual talk and it would be better that we Hindus should willingly build a mosque at the disputed land.Any way we are in majority in India with 80%of the population of Hindus so why cant we give a signal of real harmony to Muslims who are in minority and may be feeling unsecured in such sensitive scenario.In a family also its the responsibility of an elder brother to do a sacrifice(if you wish to call this a sacrifice).

thus this is the only way we can achieve the tag line of "SECULAR INDIA" and that word "COMMUNAL HARMONY" would prevail in true sense.otherwise posing for communal harmony is just a joke.....

hope this piece of writing might have ignited your mind......waiting for your comments/suggestions.....

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Ah! another subversive news of the eluded CWG (corruption wali games).This time the indian context of corruption reflects
through 12 doping test failed atheletes.It looks like the whole universe is conspiring against the games,"no way!d games shouldnt happen".So much bizzare melodrama already meld with the games and now we have these pill-popping athletes,who wanted to boost up adrenalin before the show.Apparently,the coach said "oh!we didn't know these drugs were banned",as if something like methyl-hexane-amine could just be a juice with the snacks!. Anyway.why to blame the coaches,lame excuses and covering our corrupted naked ass is the cornerstone of how the non chalant Indian Govt. and its staff of millions function.
I just dont get what the Govt. is doing these days.The news of naxals' attacks hover now a days and we being acclimatize,to it taking the news as just a normal cliche.They harass us every now and then,and this punk govt. emanating a lack of will power.Its like the whole system is handcuffed before them.I am not being portentous to talk about the naxals,in gung-ho.I am just poking towards how numb the Govt. is being by not taking a mere strong action against them.
If the Govt. tries it can punish people swiftly,our children will know that whats wrong wont be tolerated at all,despite the circumstances.Its just hogwash and frankly ,it wont take much to do a speedy trial & toss the accused in jail (talking abt d CWG).But no,our Govt. can barely do dat,it can only manage portfolios for the next tenure.And demeanour towards addition of credentials of being ranked 84th in corruption across countries,failiures of hosting CWG(dont even think abt d olympics
in comparison),internal militency.......the list goes on.
I am not aleast prerogated to challenge the Indian setup,to question on the constitution,but basically i feel now its time to knudge this setup a bit.One news flashed in "the Hindu",pervaded me to think in this sort of way.- "Hearing a petition filed by the People's union for civil liberties to the streaming of the PDS(public dist. system),A bench of justices gave directive to distribute to the destitute,grains,at no cost(very low cost).On that,our respected(!!!!) minister sharad powar said,"it isnt possible to implement court's suggestion,coz the Govt. is already providing subsidy.Hearing that, the honerable justices said,
"It wasnt a suggestion mr. powar,its our order,dont misunderstand it as a suggestion".And the court didnt make a lame decision(we know dat),it reffered to the 50,000 tonnes of wheat being deteriorated to zilch,also pointing towards several lakh tonnes of wheat not even been preserved
You would now be getting my point,I basically feel that one of the four pillars of indian setup,is now turmoiled,not enough strong to hold the Indian redtape .obv. I am talking about the legislature.The politicians!(the cliched corrupt) these berk hooligans,wearing a goodwill persona,at voting time,leverging the innocent destitute,so as to get their vote,having corrupt and mean political aims,ready to get into the system,so as to fill up their pockets,are the wolf in the herd.A stigma for todays setup,they simply strifle the executives' and press' will.They have made
the mockery of indian setup,deciphering that in India,we reward the corrupt and connected & punish the hardworking & diligent,with inflation & taxes and by stealing their money(one of the root cause of naxals' revolt against harassment,i m not going in detail here now).The executives having uncomparable mastery at running the setup & planning are stymied by being treated as mere servents to these berk politicians. These zilch politician make mockery of voting,it feels shame and detestable that we are being represented by them(I am not talking about the exceptions).
So,better to chastise this filthy pillar and empower the strong ones-Judiciary,executives and press.The new setup should be-Judiciary being the dominant one.If anyone is having trouble,the press would make ones presence felt,would empower one to call for justice,and this time the executives not draped by the legislature,they will be helping the judiciary to implement their orders.the funds this time not being given in hands of the politicians(All know how much % of it is they used for the development!).this time the guarenteer
should be the judiciary,and executives should be incharge.So,What the legislature should do? Just try to follow the orders of the respected justices,and pass bills,laws and ammendments(only thing on which they have upper hand).Empowering the press is the best option,to make our voice heard(not to worry abt the misuse,the court is there).But in retrospect i think,the idea would just be a zilch,a travesty of unfulfilled dreams,coz here, i am talking about the Indian context!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


"Goth",so much hyped a word that now a cliche for d genX.but often misinterpreted as being connected with Satanistic views,following
the devil,and being the perpetrators of intolerence,revenge and vendalism.Media rolls gothic as being bigoted,violent and sado-masochists.
but i think in 1 way or the other,we are gothic followers
Actually,Goths are non-violent,pacifistic,passive and tolerent.
Chronically,gothic culture evolved from the visigoth tribes,that once overthrew the roman kingdom,being barberian and extrimists in approach
but fighting for the just.Oky much from the history class.Basically,what i found striking are d similarities of the gothic advent in each and
every one of us,plz dont think its heuristics
what we ,the Genx want,we try for it,fail,but try untill we get what we think is bound for us,what our conscience
allows to be right.Fail and fall do pains,but we enjoy this pain.We take life as being a short sojourn,where you need to be
selfish and ruthless,whether ya like it or not.In this boulevard,through which we travel to complete this journey,we do commit
sins,and if we think it to be just,we goths are proud of that.we are proud to degrade our body and our relations(i aint talking about piercing),
for sucess.We believe there is not a single reason to waste time thinking for those who dont matter at all.We know the pain of berefting,
feel for it,we feel d hate for war,racism and these nasty but gothic topics,we expirience hate,we practice love.We know death is
bound in life,but we believe death and pain being a quest for immortality,we try to find the beauty of life and death,of pain and happiness,
of love and hate.
being a democratic in political views,we cant tolerate our suppression of any genre. we believe and inculcate those ideals and
values which are cultivated on our heuristics.We love to question.We want our answer,the just one.We just dont testify facts,we trust our conscience
and try to test it on expirience.And if our conscience allows,we do it,not bothering a least about it being a sin,we relate it being a prideful
situation,and there is not a single reason to repent.
We connect,we enjoy our networking,we like to be social,and follow equality in approach and advent.
We want to try and challenge everything,which pushes us onto it.We believe each one has equal right to do what the symbiosis of one's metaself and conscience
According to gothic literature,BIBLE is interpreted as condemning to hell all Buddhists,hindus,and other religion,which they feel idiosyncratic to
christianity.The Bible says,"god detests the retarded,and other aborted fetuses,retarded are repulsive to God".It says they are an abomination and not more than
slobering stammering animals.Basically pointing to each one of us,whether retarded in approach or values,both as well defined in the Holy book,
(which we dont bother to follow).I know your synaptic structures,would be turned up at talking on the Holy Bible,But its true,upto my knowledge,and research(a bit).
I only point on this idea that we,the followers of equality to all,soverign in approach and confident of our conscience,
being open to lateral and parallel thinking and questioning.Lovers of questioning each and everything that points to us really do testify us being "Goth".
(Besides,i include the fan of korn ,greenday and lovers of the dark clotes,LOL)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


so dear here we are...we completed our first GD and that too with great pomp and show.we had extensive GD session on satuday and sunday of the last week and to add spice to it we had esteemed MANISH SIR from IMS PATNA on sunday.it was a nice experience for one and all.its first time ever in the history of our college that a successful GD was conducted.this GD was open to all the members of the reading club.we hope in future also participants show this kind of enthusiasm and energy.waiting for your valuable suggestions!
Reading club.


It has been a long time since i have written something.Actually i have been thinking of writing something for the past few days but because of paucity of time i wasnt able to do so.But now i am back with a topic which is disturbing me for the last few days.

Its related to politics again....as we listen these days that there has been a huge hue and cry for three fold salary hike of the members of parliament and in this regard the government has granted a two fold increase also but still those bastards are not satisfied...."LUDICROUS"...its the only word that can be uttered in the current day scenario....

Our nation is facing the problem of inflation.its now in two digits.but still one says
"This salary is an insult to parliament.
The bill should be torn to pieces"

ridiculous...don't you people think that there are many other bigger insults that our parliament should bother about...today we are on the verse of organizing an event where the prestige of each and every Indian is at stake...yup i am talking about CWG.but on that issue these "political thinkers" are playing blame game on each other.Other burning issues like pathetic condition of people in J&K go completely unnoticed but these idiots are shouting about their salary hike.

Here are some alarming but realistic data which i would like to share over here....
1)now after the hike the salary of each MP is 68 times more than what the average Indian earns today.
2)our MP take more money than their counterparts in developed countries like Japan,Singapore and Italy.
3)if u include all allowances,perks etc the gross salary crosses Rs 37 lakhs a year which is more than reasonable.

Then also they are not contented.Lok sabha has become a club of millionaire these days but still they are clamoring for more.They are supposed to be the servant of people but today they have become a parasite who thrive on the blood of millions of poor.

Its a matter of shame for all Indian.these greedy politicians have become the order of the day.They should not forget that voters are watching them very carefully.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Responsibility

As we celebrate our 64th independence day today, once again we will go through our rhetoric talk of national pride and progress. Elders will criticize the young for lack of values & corrupt mentality , for lack of respect towards the country and its hard-fought independence; youth will condemn the drama of celebrating the I-day for it doesn’t mean anything to 500 millions poor of India . We will play this game for a while and put aside till next I-day or R-day Pops up.
One of the eternal qualities of being an Indian is to deflect our responsibilities on others. Not only we don’t do anything, we rebuke those who do. We Disparage their achievements. And if this doesn’t work, then We adulate them. Yes, you read it right- we praise them excessively.
Surprised??? Strange are the ways of mind and more strange are its Logic. It can go to any extend to protect its dignity and bootlicking is certainly no exception.
Have you ever wondered why we worship a RAMA, aKRISHNA, a JESUS or a BUDDHA? Why we attribute them with divine qualities? Think for a moment, how insulting will it be for our minds to acknowledge that they were Humans. Isn’t it a matter of great shame? Today in an age where we kill our siblings for a piece of land, How can we follow a guy who left his entire kingdom for his younger brother? No, we can not follow him.
Intelligent as we always have been, we upgrade him to 1st A.C. - the untouchable to the masses who travel in sleepers. We elevate him to the status of God. Now it becomes easier for our WOUNDED EGOS to accept his greatness. "How could he leave his entire kingdom to his brother?", he could because he was the avatar of Vishnu .But we are not.
Thus we defended our selfishness and our greed. We have created a system, a full-proof system against the preaching and practices of these great men. As soon as a child is born, we teach him to worship. No, we do not teach him to respect great souls. Infect we, with our pompous vocabulary, magnify their divine nature to Leave no doubt in the minds of a small child that he cant accomplish this for he is no "Son of God". And when our parents see us worshiping, they become happy for having Safe-guarded the honour of humanity for one more generation, they feel proud for escaping our responsibilities of loving our neighbours and live in peace, for one more time.
Look at the irony, today we are fighting for a piece of land to erect a temple of a person who had no interest in owning up any land himself.
And here we are, celebrating our independence day, playing a blame game as usual to downplay those who fought for our freedom. Some blame Gandhi for pakistan problem, some others call Azad a maoist. Rest of us blame the current crop of politicians, poverty, illiteracy and blah, blah, blah for the problems. We just keep shifting the blame. IF Asked, why don’t you do something for this nation like bhagat singh did, our WOUNDED EGOshots back immediately -"Well, he could because he was Bhagat singh, but i am not".
written by dhakare sir!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hello readers!
first of all thanks a lot to all of you for this over whelming response which you showed towards this blog writing competition...it was really a tough job to select top ten from the deck of posts...but here are some best posts of the competition..hope you enjoy reading!cheers to all the readers because its a big day for all of us!

again thanks a lot!


Simply blogging !

Many times small things attract us. Like writing this blog today brought me to my pen. Writing is a bit difficult task. Assembling your thoughts and arranging them in a correct manner is a good exercise of mind. It becomes little more difficult for a first semester student as they have given full rest to their mind after their entrance tests.
Fine. When this blog writing competition was announced (two days ago) many topics came in my mind. Independence day is at door and it was obvious to have the first topic (among the many) related to our “glorious Independence day” . One second ! is the word “glorious” still has its sense? 15th of august is now a simple holiday: once in an year-whole day to rest-T.V channels flooded with patriotic movies-few loudspeakers screaming at schools:”the old Manoj Kumar Songs.” I have no intention to write next of this blog blaming others, because I think you can’t blame others if you have the very fault in yourself. I too have ignored this day many times-first for boards(10th) and then for many other reasons… But even after all these things watching small child going to schools with full makeup, costumes and tricolour gives the “glorious ” sense to this day.
Many more topics came in my mind-like ‘the Commonwealth games’: now what to write over Mr. Kalmadi. If I am writing anything on Commonwealth games (in delhi this year which I think is heading for a failure) Mr.Kalmadi is sure to crept in and my pen refuges to write over him. How can I write over someone who is still holding his post even after such a huge ‘Ghotala’. Shameless people should not be highlighted.
“Sports”-no. “politics”-big no-no. now one thing which is really worth noticing is the drug addiction in youth. Youngsters chewing tobacco or smoking is very common in trains, buses or at other public places. This is a serious concern. What is the meaning of education if ‘we’ are still not able to choose between right and wrong? Smoking has become a status symbol. Over 60% of the youngsters of age group 13to25 are having these habits. In Patna you can even find small boys of 8to10 yrs.chewing tobacco. Huh-and we are talking of shining India.
Few things come as shock to us if we think deeply over them. Two or three days ago I saw a women at an entrance of ‘Gandhi Maidan’-half naked, bees flying all around her body, with a small baby in her hand and the other two sitting there totally naked –starving for food. Now just think how many times do we think before wasting our food..NOT EVEN ONCE.
Today this blog writing helped me put my thoughts over here. Something was inside me for many days-boiling and itching. Now I feel relived. I don’t know when again I will write …may be after this writing gets some notice.

Kumar Udbhav
Roll no.10A1031
1st semester
NIT Patna


If you take the responsibility to change yourself you can change the whole world…………….
On this special occasion of our independence day, let me first clarify you the meaning of “freedom”. Freedom has a very special interconnection with discipline. Most of us consider that discipline is like an obstacle on the way to freedom, isn’t it?
But, discipline actually gives us freedom. To clarify this I want to cite some examples.
The first one comes from our daily life. Most of us must have seen a train. As long as it is disciplined on its track, it has got freedom of its speed. As it violates the discipline it loses its freedom. Then, how can we say discipline is an obstacle? No, it’s not an obstacle. It is the way to freedom. On this way sometime we see different type of behaviour which seems to be unkind to be kind. Just for example
When a giraffe gives birth to a baby giraffe, as the baby giraffe falls down from mother contact, the mother gives a kick to her child and the child jumps. Again she gives one more kick. Is the behaviour of giraffe is like a mother? Of course yes. She is unkind to be kind, because she knows it is necessary for the survival of baby giraffe. The baby giraffe will have to stand on his feet, so that he may save his life from predators. Here discipline is an act of love.
Another example comes from human life. When one thief was accused and the judge sent him jail, then he said, send my parents too, to the jail. Because, they said nothing when I stole a pen for the first time, they said nothing when I stole a jewel for the first time. They never disciplined my life, that’s why I am away from freedom. That means discipline is the way towards freedom.
Parenting is not a popularity context. Sometimes parents will have to be unkind to be kind. This is the most typical war of the world, where both of them will have to win. People who have never learnt to obey can never command either.
People always say that, they don’t have time. Time is going with great speed. But this is not true. Time is not going. We are going here and there.
“Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it present”
At last I want to mention one more thing. Absence of illness doesn’t mean a good health. If you have never been defeated in your life, it doesn’t mean you are a universal winner.
So let’s take an oath on this independence-day that we will discipline our life to get the freedom.
Jay hind


The Independence Day!
What does it say?
Have you heard ever??
Never! Never!! Never!!!

We left our slumber, broken out chain....
No where now the British flame.....
Are our woes over??
Never! Never!! Never!!!

We dreamed for freedom. Dreamed for faith,
Promised our duty to not forget........
Where have the oaths wandered??
Did you ever ponder???
Never! Never!! Never!!!

Every year nation celebrates it with joy and elation,
But i think its time to have a lesson........
For our work and duty
Which could provide us a real beauty for......?
Ever! Ever!! Ever!!!


माँ - The definition of Love and sacrifice

Often lost in my ostensibly insubstantial world of dreams and imaginations, I come across this never-ending conflict between the two facets of love: a mother's love for her child, and his love for his spouse/lover. The utterly confused mind of a son and a lover ends up with his hands reaching up to pull out his hair in disgust and despair.

Years ago, my father used to tell me this story of a young man who loved a pretty girl very sincerely and could do anything for that beautiful smile on her face. Once he saw that smile missing .In utter distraught, he begged her to let him know what she wanted.

Boy: Why, Love, u seem to be gloomy! What is it that makes you sad?
Girl(throwing tantrums): You don't love me.
Boy: O' lady of my life! I can lay down my life for you ,don't you know that?
Girl: Everything is easier said than done! Can you prove your love?
Boy: Anything for you, sweetheart!
Girl: Okay ,I have this silly doubt in my mind that you love your mother more than you love me. It's freaking me out.
Boy: Hah! Yeah, it's true that I love my mother ,doesn't everyone? But it's of a different kind. How can you be jealous of my mother?
Girl: Whatever! If you really love me then show me your face again only if you come with your mother's heart in your hands!

The boy couldn't fight his tears anymore. Engulfed in this vortex of emotions, he came back home. Seeing the long drawn face of her beloved son, his distraught mother asked him the reason ,the lines of worry creasing her foreheads clearly. The boy didn't answer. After much cajoling and persuasion, he finally told her, shame running down from his eyes with tears.

Mother broke up into her wry smile and lovingly stroked his forehead ,"silly boy! For this stupid reason you are sad? Here, take this and show your mother that smile which brightens up her world". With this, she took her heart out and handed it over to her son. His face lit up instantly..and she fell down, dead!

Struck with grief, the boy started walking with his mother's heart in his hands towards his girlfriend's house, absent-minded. Accidentally ,his foot got stuck somewhere and he fell down. Instantly ,his mother's bleeding heart, almost a metre away, jerked with a huge "thud", asking worriedly ,"beta, kahin chot to nahi lagi(son ,did you get hurt)?".

A mother's love is divine. It is unmatched, unfathomable and unquestionable. She doesn't expect anything in return. For her ,love is giving every single bit of happiness she can to her child right from the moment she endures unbearable labor pain to give birth to her child.

Likewise ,I feel, is our Motherland. She, too, gives us everything-land, food, shelter, employment-just everything we need to live and prosper. But we horrendously selfish parasites keep on drawing her blood to quench our avarice. Analogically, our greed takes the place of the girlfriend in the story I narrated before. We don't even feel like doing the least bit for our motherland's happiness. And when this bespectacled, dhoti-wearing Mahatma gave us this gift of independence so that we could live happily and commemorate that day as Independence day, Mother India's happiness knew no bounds. She felt like dancing with joy ,for her every child would remember her that day, what if it'd be only for a single day?

The pity ,now ,is that her grateful sons remember the great day as a mere holiday to chill out with friends or to relax at home .The songs of Lata Mangeshkar and Mahendra kapoor must be thanked to remind us of the meaning this day holds. Mother India hides her agony from her children, refusing to let them get sad and disheartened after knowing this.

But she has silently and secretly been weeping. Over the years ,decades and centuries .And she continues to do so. If anyone has still any doubts over this ,kindly recall your geography lessons and concentrate on the Indian peninsula. And then you can understand why she's surrounded by water bodies on three sides-and quite salty ones at that! It's a wake-up call ,my brethren ,for our generation to make our mother smile! Otherwise ,we might end up with an island instead of a peninsula!!
Long Live Motherhood!
Long Live Mother India!

Is really every Indian got freedom? Is it true?

We are going to celebrate the 63rd Independence Day in very few moments. Actually, I am writing this blog at 11:48pm of 14 Aug 2011 on special demand of my good friend AVI (know as JHA ji among our group).
I promised him in day to write this blog, but I couldn’t due to some busy schedule. Till now I don’t have any good topic to elaborate. At 11:50 I logged on my face book account, saw a photo of our national flag with heart touching feeling of freedom. Then I ask a Question to my self “do I really got my freedom ? “. My answer is no I am not free . and yours?
So guys please ask this question to your self once before reading this blog.
I am here elaborating some of the issues of real India.( not imaginary one )
Honor killing
When I read this word, couldn’t understand the meaning of this word. The Question is that how can some honor be bad? Indeed it is not a work of honor . actually ,this all the evils spawned by the feudal society, honor killing is arguably the most heinous. some Apologists try to equate it with “crime of passion” but crimes of passion are abrupt, unmediated, and impulsive acts of violence committed by persons who, in their own lights, have come face to face with an incident wholly repulsive and unacceptable and who technically, for the duration of the act, are insane and incapable of self-control. I have not been able to find as striking an example of genuine Honor killing
In India, to be young and in love has proved deadly for many young girls and boys in parts of north India as an intolerant and bigoted society refuses to accept any violation of its rigid code of decorum, especially when it comes to women. The two teenage girls who were shot dead in June 2010 by a cousin in Noida for daring to run away to meet their boyfriends are the latest victims of honor killings, a euphemism for doing away with anyone seen as spoiling the family’s reputation. Many such killings are happening with regularity in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh. These are socially sanctioned by caste panchayats and carried out by mobs with the connivance of family members.
People are sometimes murdered in Northern India (mainly in the Indian States of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Bihar for marrying without their family’s acceptance, in some cases for marrying outside their caste (Jat or Rajput) or religion. Among Rajputs, marriages with other caste male/female instigate the killings of the married couple and family. This is unique form of honor killing related to the militant culture of ethnic Rajputs, who, despite the forces of modernization and the pressures of decolonization, subscribe to medieval views concerning the “preservation” of perceived “purity” of their lineage.
Haryana is one of the worst hit as far as honor killing is concerned. Even as rural Haryana remains in the stranglehold of the defiant caste panchayats, honor killings continue in their most horrible form
On June 21, 2010, the family members of a girl allegedly killed her and her teenaged lover and hanged them as exhibits in their house for the village to see their “fate.” Monika (18) and her lover Rinku (19), both from Jat families, were brutally killed for honor at Nimriwali village, near Bhiwani. The father of the girl, her brother, uncle and cousins are suspected to be behind the crime and are absconding.
The case was registered for murder and wrongful confinement on the basis of a complaint by Rinku’s uncle, Krishan Kumar. Police teams have been deputed to arrest the suspects named in the case. However, circumstances clearly suggest it to be an honor killing according to inspector Prem Singh, the investigating officer. Singh avoided enquiries as to who had informed the police and who first came to know about the incident.
Boys and girls, I think 75% from us are in love with some one . Hope if the same accident happened with or you would force to leave your loving one .
Then what would you do ?
Now ask the same question with you again? I think now you are agreeing with me? Infect, India got freedom from foreigner s. But This India could not gradual grownup by the time. We could not free our soul from casteism & corruptions. Our grandparents have done their part. Now it’s our turn to free our self from these two inner devils.
In hope of complete freedom !!

VANDE MATARAM!! Karan kant sharma


15 August is our Independence Day. This default date in Indian history may be chosen by Lord Mountbatten in a whim. I have gathered many facts from internet to write on this topic, but when I think deeply, found nothing to do with reality. On deep search we may find some bitter truth about India, which may upset us. India has become a country of political corruption. What will happen to a country, where powers are in hands of corrupt people? Here you may see, child laborer working in common house and in road-side dhabas, against child labor rule. We are the country of malnutrition. This is not because our production is less, but it is due to that, food lost during post-harvest is about 35%. We are among top position holder countries in corruption. Nowadays all news-paper are full of CWG scam. We spend 17 times more money in organizing CWG, but still we lack. India has become second largest populated country in the world, and this is the only thing we can count as an achievement after nation freedom. We are happy with a few medals in Olympic. We do not see the achievement of China, or we do not want to notice it. Even after 63 years of Independence, we are counting people on the basis of caste. Here we do protest against our system not because of lacking behind in development, but because of reservation for a particular caste or society. Our country is no-1 in work but only on paper. All the building and constructions are made only on paper. Red-tapism has become the national culture in every department. Far from my childhood, I used to learn that India is come ambivalent country. Now it`s ambivalent nature has become its major drawback. We could stand with a firm idea.

Now not far, come to our college, we are future`s so called the engineers. Are we the pride of our nation? Majority of our college student`s attitude are worse than an illiterate. Engineer means one who invents something new. What will we invent with this type of attitude?

Eve-teasing, exploitation, power show off has become has become the regular part of our college. Where are we going? What the mess I am writing here on the eve of our great Independence Day! At least this day, I should write the words in appreciation for our country. I am not doing this because only I, we, the youth of India can change the destiny of our country!

The Independence Day of any country is a moment of pride and glory. It happens with me too. I have a keen respect for the Freedom Fighters. I salute them. Our country needs you again! Come! Let help us to free the country from corruptions.

We the engineers can do the great job for our country, which politicians could not in 63 years. Make India a developed country, without corruption and red-tapism. Let`s come together and take an oath that we will not be involved in any corruption and will raise voice against corrupts. That`s all we need and one day we will see India, a country whose name will be pronounced with respect.


written by ashish!


It has become a cliche to talk about india, in the terms of its rich cultural heritage, bio diversity, flora and fauna . it hence, becomes almost imperative on us, to introspect into the real india, the emerging india, the face of india that actually addresses our sustenance. so now when i start penning down idiosyncratic, and unconjured vistas of my land, i can’t really help borrowing the title of nandan nilekani’s book-imagining india.... so what are we really up to, when i imagine our country? I am actually, imagining myself, in a slightly wide perspective, which lands me in a pool of self realisation, as to what, when, and how, does our country sustain itself in the present scenario..... or to be very curt, how do “we” sustain ourselves..
Confining ourselves to taking pride in our past, celebrating the odes and ballads of the medevial grandeur, and being flabbergasted with the equisite artiste of the ancient india, is passe... the ‘new’ india stands much more than the assimilation of the paradoxes, which have been existing in a cheerful incongruity, for ages now.. and the new decade perhaps, heralds a whole new era of individuals, competent enough of metallising all these concrete convictions..
So now that we have already had enough of cribbing and lamenting over this turmoil, enough of emulating the west, for all its faculties, striking a dumb chord about our place, doesn’t really seem to be ‘cool’! so the positive stuff first, followed by its upside down implication.....
We have the third largest army in the world, although its not really large enough to curb the internal unrest caused by the maoists, naxalites, let alone the terrorists. we have scores of multi-billionaires, while more than a third of the population gropes in utter poverty. We manufacture volumes of aids medication, which satorically, is almost inaccessible to the masses. We have world’s second largest pool of doctors, engineers and scientists, while 35% of the population is illiterate. while we welcome the upcoming wave of acceptance with open arms, we still linger in the catacombs of trivial issues like same gotra marriages. The eternal, ecstasic beauty of the alpine valleys in kashmir, the backwaters in kerala, give way to the dingy, narrow lanes of slums and suburbs. So the most confounding issue here, is the formulation of a mature, unbiased inference about the real scenario in here.
People are killed in the name of religion. I’d rather wear gucci and chill, than chase shadows and illusions conjured by mandarins. At times, it becomes inevitable to fancy, that we are conservative people hustled into the staight-jacket of must-have liberalism. It really gets striking, as a matter of fact, that inspite of these inexorable impotencies, there’s neither blood-shed revolution, nor quiescence of despair, and the double edged predicament of the people, is to be wronged, and yet have no unconditional rights. Post independence, we stand, at the mercy of myopic power brokers and zealots, who interpret the very essence of progress, in a regressive aura , so as to suit their own political aspirations. So in such a dismal state of affairs, where most of the stategising stands deplorably inconsistent at the hands of the onslaught unleshed by a crippling infrastructure and an already crippled thought process, i guess, most of us would abhor the lackadaisical stance of the administration, and eventually end up detesting this sultry, untidy place, as a culmination of the nuisance that persists. RIGHT?
In that case, you’re absolutely WRONG! Well, that’s the most perplexing part of it! However hard you may feel like dismissing it, you wouldn’t ever be able to bring yourself to hate your land. The tang of the air, the taste of the cuisine, the vexing pot-holes, the intermittent supply of amenities, along with the honey-dewy strings of love that bind us close, every several thing, all and sundry, trickle deep into the most profound denominations of our heart, innundating our existence in its nuances. And somehow, we start connecting to every triffling pecadillo in our system, being a part of it, and celebrating it, and living through it. The incorrigible lapses, the nonchalance of the whole machinery, is so embedded in our life and lifestyle, that we seem to be flourishing on it. The feeling of being at home, flanks us like an undying refrain. And somehow, our ‘nowhere near to being perfect’ home strikes a chord with our innate gift of anarchy that foils all efforts of the inadvertent influences that intend to kill the spirit of we indians, to get on with the job, against all odds.
The spirit of india, that lingers in every ‘asli indian’, is so indomitable, that all other impediments, fall too short of zeal, to conceal our exuberant zest, to make it real big in life. With the whole kaleidoscope of possibilities knocking the doors, our stride is oriented towards the pinnacle of civilisation. So somehow, its now, as ‘cool’ to take pride in our prowess while not losing the sight of the ultimate objective-establishment of a progressive, social state. So there we are, we indians, with all our differences, all our strengths...... To make and move our world!! Happy independence day!
written by richa!


It was 15th Aug 1953 when R.N. Kashyap had decided to overtake National Associated Steels. The previous owners have incurred huge losses from the unit and therefore they were delighted when they managed to assuage Kashyap into buying their plant. Since then Kashyap had grown his industry in similar lines as his nation. He always knew that the task of building this nation would be immense. Days and nights he would remain in his unit watching the molten steel at 4000 deg. C being poured into a ladle, which would then be lifted by the crane and poured into series of molds scattered throughout his plant. The steel will eventually take the shape of a bearing or a wheel or a rail road and all that will go into building this nation.
Today his grandson Prakash Kashyap runs the NAS which is now a 1200 crore conglomerate. The Kashyap’s have diversified their field of operation and have brought up industries in sectors such as the food processing, textile, pharmaceuticals and software. Prakash still remembers the times when the government had liberalized its economic policy and invited foreign investments into the Indian market. There had been sense of dread which had gripped men, who feared that these foreign investors would eventually eat up their business. Everybody but Prakash had looked with skepticism over this transition. He had known that the market was expanding and that there was room for several players and what lay ahead was going to be hard work in bringing his systems at par with international scene. He now feels that it was the fruits of those policies which have led to a robust Indian economy, the same policies which allowed India to record a growth rate of more than 9% consecutively for three years before the recent economic slowdown.
Prakash Kashyap always believed that the greatness of a civilization can be gauged in few works of geniuses. Men have always measured a civilization by the scientific and cultural progress which it was able to achieve in its lifetime. Yet it occurred to him that those progresses have been a work of very few individuals who were concerned with nothing but their reasoning mind. He would always say “that the biggest problem which our nation has is in the education sector, although thousands of higher education learning centers have been established not a single innovation has been significant enough to acquire a discipline of its own. Take for instance engineering; from mechanical machines to the recent computer and mobile technologies all have been triggered in the west, meager contributions can only be accounted from our nation. These higher education centers are killing the appetite of men to think, to reason, all they are bothered is in the material exchange of facts. Crores of money is spent into useless endeavors but Research & Development is the least priority subject in our country.
In his youth Prakash had been extremely passionate about cricket. He would spend afternoons playing the game and nights thinking about it, about his performances, about the way game was changing. It was when he was 18 that he decided to study engineering in order to serve the NAS, and yet he remained passionate about the game in a strange odd way. Today he’s happy that by the 63rd year of independence Indian cricket team has managed to bag the no. 1 test playing squad. However he’s bewildered by the dismal performance of his country in the Olympics. He says “the poor show of India in Olympic Games can be attributed to the lack of food security and access to proper nutrition in the diets of our country men. Tones of grains is left to decay due to inappropriate storage conditions while the poor peasants are forced to skip their meals out of poverty and inflated prices of food grains. For those who can afford a better nutrition, fall behind the misplaced system where the authority is in the hands of covetous underdogs. The corruption prevailing in the sports ministry have encouraged the youth to organizing games rather than playing them.
Today sitting in his office, at the eve of Independence Day Prakash is confident that India would be able to confront these issues and would eventually emerge out as a superpower of the 21st century. He feels that there are determined set of individuals who will always take the first step ahead, while others would look with cynicism, and will bring laurels to this nation.
written by archie!

Independence Day: A Lump in my throat

This special day is once again upon us, swelling our hearts with pride as we try to manoeuvre our way through traffic diversions (to make way for the iconic appearances of our political and bureaucratic bigwigs) amid the loudspeakers blaring out patriotic songs—some of them almost as old as our freedom. There is always a lump in my throat as I bow my head, saluting the national tricolour on this momentous day when India awoke to freedom as the rest of the world slept.

 Alas! We seem to have gone back to a deep independence induced slumber, rising bleary eyed occasionally, on days like this one today, and going back to a state of blissful ineptitude for the rest of the year. Independence Day seems to have become like any other special day dedicated to specific causes – Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Doctor’s Day, Environment Day ....the list is endless. But isn’t Independence Day a bit different from all these? Isn’t it a heady combination of all of them and many more? Unless we are efficient administrators, loving parents, dedicated teachers and doctors and responsible, law abiding citizens, we have no right to rejoice in our freedom.

We freed ourselves physically from the much touted tyranny of the British Raj 63 years ago. But we are yet to gain independence from the insensitive and parochial attitude of our own leaders—be they political, religious or social. As long as people are deprived of two square meals a day, the powers-to-be pilfer the natural wealth of country to fill their own coffers in the name of development, women (and men) are killed in the name of family prestige, hatred is fomented in the name of religion, and lawlessness becomes a synonym for power, we cannot call ourselves independent or free.

The India- Pakistan Peace March and candle light processions for solidarity are laudable initiatives of the civil society seeking peaceful solutions to fiery problems. But the ideas of peaceful coexistence propagated by them have to be imbibed in spirit and not be lost as rhetoric. These efforts have to become more than a ritual. They have to become our way of life.

The real freedom of the spirit, which the Mahatma wanted to instil in us, is still eluding us, or perhaps we are yet not strong enough to imbibe it in our thoughts words and actions. Freedom from want and desire may be too tall an order. But at least we can tread this path carefully and remember that ‘My freedom ends where someone else’s begins’. Only if we could try to live by this credo, there would be no female foeticides, no inhuman subjugation of the weak, and no atrocities on innocent citizens.
There is a lot to be proud of, and yet, a lot of shame needs to be wiped off from all around us, the Commonwealth Games notwithstanding.

written by tarun mishra!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Images – Editors Note April 2010

We are engineers; we are expected to employ a technology for the benefit of the society. For centuries we have churned out machines which have eased the comfort of mankind. Every time an emergence of a technology has brought a radical change in the lives of people. If it was mechanical machines in the 18th century, the dominance of steam engine in the 19th century or the emergence of Silicon Valley in the 20th century today we have the 21st century rightly known as the information age. Hence there is no surprise that we see so many technical institutes being resurrected to obtain professionals who can work in the industries which employ these technologies. For instance, we saw many private technical institutes coming up in the past couple of decades to support the emergence of computer science and information technology field of study in India.
Our institute is among the oldest technical institute in the nation. Over the years technocrats graduating form this institute have contributed in their respective domains. Times have changed and new avenues and opportunities have knocked our doors. One such change has been the manner in which the technical institute across the nation organizes technical festivals to bring large number of students under a single roof to give them a platform to come up with innovative products which can inspire the whims and fantasies of all around us. These technical festivals are organized to serve the basic purpose of sharing new ideas which can catch the attention of masses and can be later utilized by our industries. We just concluded our own technical festival CORONA, however each one of us must ask this question to our selves whether we succeeded in satisfying the very purpose which led us to organize an event like this. Today we measure the success of these technical festivals by the profile of the celebrity who performed in them. I don’t blame the organizer for such a miscalculation, they are in-fact poor fellows who in order to acquire some management skills to show in their CV’s are desperate to provide us with entertainment that majority of us are more concerned about. We are obviously not suffering with the deficiency of talented individuals. It is applauding that the efforts which we exert to produce wonderful robot, models, software’s, presentations…yes we are definitely talented in our respective fields and we also have the passion to put in our efforts that can satisfy our vanity. So, all we have to do is slightly change of our mind set and understand the significance of these technical events because if some day any of us is able to innovate something vital, that will be enough to draw people’s attention which will sustain more than the attention generated by any celebrity .

Thursday, August 12, 2010


heyyy bro!

the time has come to break an ice...the reading club is organising a blog writing contest on the eve of independence day...u have to just mail your blog at nitpatnaclub@gmail.com on or before 15th august 2010.top 3 post shall get awarded with attractive prizes....other top ten post shall be published on the reading club blog nitpatnaclub.blogspot.com.

so friends its a high time to cut loose yourself and register your name in this world of creativity....write any thing related to india...independence...or recent isuues...and grab your share of fun....


Sunday, August 1, 2010


It occurred to me kind of mysteriously after reading a newsletter from Washington Post and getting to know how JUSTIN BIEBER shot to fame after his mom posted his video on YOUTUBE and after a series of events that got triggered he got to perform at the White House. He is can you believe it more famous than Jesus at least on Twitter, and fellaz ….he is just 16.

LADY GAGA beat MADONNA in her own game. And sold more than 8 million copies of her latest album and 20 million of her singles, all thanks to her 2.8 million Twitter followers and more than 5.2 million Facebook fans.

Welcome to the new world.Generations come and generations go and they leave there impact on this world. The generation of Baby Boomers is retiring and a whole new, totally different one is emerging, ready to take on the world.


Even in INDIA we see SANIA MIRZA( considering the bright side of her), SAINA NEHWAL,IRFAN PATHAN, DARSHEEL SAFARI and the list goes on. They are winning everywhere and cashing in a hell lot of moolah, riding a hell lot of fame. They are making their country, their state, their city, their parents PROUD.

In fact, they seem to be popping-up everywhere. The latest ad of INTEL in a way mimics the thought process of this generation.

The tagline goes-“They come from around the world. then they go out and change it”. INTEL: SPONSERS OF TOMORROW.

The ad encases the role of these younger minds in solving tomorrow’s biggest challenges. Even scientist are getting younger. Moving over old, wild Einstein, the image of a new scientist is a cool, smart kid! They are MILLENNIAL.

A few years ago you saw them fly past you in cars driven by their parents with the ‘Baby on Board’ stickers on them. A research by PEWS Research tells that this is the most educated generation and with a large spending power and a lot of brand awareness. They grew up with computers, mobiles, iPods & Xbox. They like to live on internet with big families. They are multi-taskers. They check the website before going the market. This generation is very hard working, talented, confident and a lot more connected and open to change.

This new Millennial generation of ours which seems to have no time to waste. If aliens may not be as sweet as ‘E.T.’ or ‘Jaadoo’ according to Stephen Hawkins, for they may rip our earth apart for their own good, so are we great for friends and for foes…BEWARE..

So what’s there in store for us ahead? For a generation that is extremely Tech-savvy, doesn’t care much about ethics. For a generation that’s expert in multi-tasking, prefers to climb Mount Everest than doing summer jobs. YES we DRINK but for fun not abuse.

Older folks if we call them Baby Boomers as they belong to that league from 1950’s they have being calling the shots till now.

In a bigger picture:-

The Boomers lived by: Just do it!!!

The Gen Xers( mid-age fellahs) lived by: Why do it!!!

And guess what it’s us the Millennial who live by: We did it!!!

We are here to be bang on target and live our big size life. We are not used to take NO as an answer.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


 once a woman activist jokingly said to a judge in Ahmadabad "sexual harassment are like god, they are everywhere."
How safe are girls in India ? From the recent alleged sexual harassment of national level hockey player by their coach Maharaj Krishan Kaushik (Arjun Award Winner in 1998);former member of gold medalist of Summer Olympic in 1980 to the thousands of uninformed case, women are not safe anywhere.Majority of Indian Hockey Player come from poor economic background and small districts.Coach Kaushik is a powerful in Hockey administration ,so it takes a great will power and  effort to complain against him. Poet Anasuya Dutt once said "In too many countries ,too many women speaks the same language-of silence". Brave  RANJHITA DEVI break the rule. The Greater Ranjhita Devi send a latter to Indian Hockey Federation alongwith the signature of 31 other Iandian women hockey player regarding the alleged sexual harassment by coach Kaushik and controversial videographer M.Basavaraja. She has done the great job. HATE OFF TO HER AND 31 TEAM MEMBER FOR BREAKING THE SILENCE AND STARTING THE NEW REVOLUTION AGAINST SEXUAL-HARASSER.
Like every sexual harasser  do Kaushik did the same.It is a familiar tricks adopted by every Kaushik - blame the women , make her "badnaam", disgrace her in front of family and friend, shred her reputation , ruin her future. It is easy - She is a soft target.She has everything to loose. Most times, the man has nothing at stack - not even their reputation and job.After all he are a man.Kaushik allegedly declared during his team tour to New Zealand in 2003-"sex is good ,anyone interested in sex can come to me".Shame on him and our society that gave power to the corrupts. Kaushik has already drowned the career of brilliant of Indian Women hockey`s captain Helen Mary,who tried to complain against him.   

  • As observed by honorable justice Arjit Pasayat "while a murderer destroys the physical frame of the victim, a sexual harasser degrades and defiles the soul of a helpless female"
  1. According to official statics of 1991,one woman is molested every 26 minute. These statics refer to the reported case. Whereas if the unreported case were to be matter , it would be of seconds rather than minutes.
  2. 31% of the female workers claimed to have been harassed at work  
  3. 62% of targets took no actionStudies suggest anywhere between 40-70% of women has experience sexual harassment in any form at work place. 
  4. Studies suggest anywhere between 40-70% of women has experience sexual harassment in any form at work place. Studies suggest anywhere between 40-70% of women has experience sexual harassment in any form at work place.
                                There are thousands of Kaushiks fearlessly running around the world. Unfortunately , we lack the will to pursue sexual harassment case in India.They are just  not considered 'serious' enough.  What is the little 'masti' between the sexes ?  It is not harmful fun ! no sir ,it`s. Sexual harassment against women will be checked if Ranjhita like brave victim will open their mouth against their tormentor.The step taken by Ranjhita is highly appreciable . We need more Ranjhita to weed out this evil from the society.
                                         WELL DONE RANJHITA!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Although I won't be happy if Common Wealth Games are ruined but at some point i seem to agree with Mr. Aiyar.The fact that the leaders of this country are obsessed with organising show piece events like CWG and are not even a bit interested in the health of sports overall is an ALARM in itself.Since the permission for hosting CWG has been granted, a whole new government machinary is in work to disguise DELHI under the Flyovers and Ringroads.Even then,if the stadiums are unfinished and swimming pools are under-furnished,it highlights the the lack of commitment at the top level.Enough has been said about the Beijing olympics and lot will be talked about the way London is gearing up for Olympics 2012.But lets be really frank, we can not match them for these nations are financialy sound but how do we rate ourselves against the Southafricans.Hosting FIFA World cup is a much tougher task and south africa did it so well,is a slap on Our face and our system and our planning.
The underlying problem is however totally different.Interest of the beaurocrates in hosting games is similar to some politically ambitious students engaged in organising cultural and tech fests in my college.None of them had anything to do with the quality of the events but filling their deep pockets. Also considering,We simply dont have an ionising atmosphere for hosting these games and public at large,feels disconnected with the whole tantrums going on,it clearly shows we are yet to evolve as a sports loving country and a lot is needed to improve the condition of the sports.Did you ever hear any government official or minister talking about the players and sprorts and passion related to it,the kind games are known for producing.Hope next time, when we will host such an event then object of focus would be the performance of the players rather than the performance of the government.

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Will be happy if someone can do my job better: P Chidambaram"

this is what our union minister of home affairs said replying to his anti maoist policy and the recent failure during the indo-pak bilateral meet....

and i think its high time for all of us to realize that definitely someone else can do his work better than him...his steps in the recent past cant be called anything more than a "sectarian cynicism".though i have not done a great deal of dig into the recent failure of indo-pak talk but one thing is for sure that some where our whole planning and policies are faulty...and he is at the core of this....every time its flashing in the news that some kind of talk is going to be held but the next moment it swaps away...we dont even have a clear cut policy that whether we really wanna get friendly with pak or its just a political rhetoric with nothing really worthy at the core of this.....

"these days i am again and again listening to a famous shibboleth that says "AMAN KI AASHA" a go ahead by times of india....but now its turning to be "AMAN KI ASHES"."

the situation is more or less same regarding our policy against maoism also.in my coming blog blog i would definitely like to bring the darker side of this policy also....

so folks mr chidambram should definitely have a look at his recent actions and step....and come with an honest and satisfactory reply....

Thursday, July 15, 2010




this is the tag line of our college song dedicated by rusty strings(our college band).first of hats off to rusty 4 this beautiful piece of composition....this song is really spell bounding....it hs an extraordinary deliquesce to touch heart and soul of every nitpian......

i m still singing "aisa mera college hai mere yar"....really....till date i hv always considered d things which i havent acquired from my college....bt this video has made me 2 walk down to d most fascinating lane of my lyf....it hs made me realise d things which i hv got here in dis college......

what hv i learned frm this college....hmmm....i hv learnt everything 4m this college only....no doubt its still d bst days of my lyf....i really cherish each n every day of my college lyf....the three yrs which i hv spent here is by far d golden days of my lyf.....

now i am in d final yr n when i look back i can envision my happy past....ragging in first yr...conflict wid seniors which soon turned 2 golden bounds of friendship....by second yr i got numerous frnds....some loving juniors.....some loving memories....techfests...cultfests...other big n small events....in 3rd yr those bond of friendship even got stronger....it was a complete fun...really....


nw in final yr i wanna enjoy each n evry moment of my college lyf....really i gonna miss these moments dearly....wud miss my frnds.....



Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ignore it,its just a novelist naivete.....doomsday prophet hyperbole......nuclear weapons r abut peace nt war......."deterrence" is the buzzword of the people who like to think of themselves as hawks.....

des days we r cuming again n again towards the hoopla relating nuclear war.....and a huge mass of otiose saying "theory of deterrence as a panacea."

its a general conception in everyones mind that theory of deterrence has prevented the cold war from turning into a third world war but its only our green thought. theory of detterance may be one bt nt d only cause that prevented the first world war........

here are some fundamental flaw in this highly over rated theory......

FLAW NO. ONE: theory of deterrence is base on "fear" bt we know tht fear iz based on knowledge......jst take a simple example......

"suppose a student hs 2 appear in an exam n he hsnt studied anything......at d same time he iz very ambitious and want 2 score good marks....wht r d chances tht he wud carry a chit in d exam???.....hmmmmm......according 2 theory of deterrence he shouldnt carry chit bcoz of fear bt d student does the other way around......why??.....very simple.....he is goin 2 fail widout chit for sure.....and if he is caught wid chit then akso he is goin 2 fail.....b..utttt if he doesnt get caught den he cud cum up wid flying colours....so here this damn theory fails!"

FLAW NO,2:theory of deterrence assumes tht wht deters us sud deter our enemy also.....bt its not always true....jst think other way around and take the case of suicide bomber....here also theory of deterrence fails....

so it could be said that this theory of deterrence is a perilous joke as far as nuclear wars r concerned/////

so dear readers dont get misleaded by these theories of psychology and those beguilers who always do bargain against us....


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

what's a citizen life's worth!

"what's a citizen life's worth"
i am going 2 refer 2 u a blog by a great writer and critic of our time chetan bhagat......

i read his blog few days ago titled "what's a citizen life's worth" and the same article came in some editorial of times of india.....i dnt remember d date....
here iz d link of tht blog-


and i wud advice u 2 go through it once b4 reading my blog......
he has written this blog 2 highligt d bhopal gas tragedy which iz one of d most hyped tragedy of our time......
i m going 2 point out few "rights" n "wrong" in d context of his article........

WHAT IS RIGHT:The company Union Carbide that owned the plant,is held responsible.
WHAT IS WRONG:the same union carbide holds numerous plants all over the world..no other accident took place there..So its not a fault of mr Anderson rather the indian heads of union carbide...which breached all the safety measures given by the company to make way for some profit.

WHAT IS RIGHT:andersen was given a bail after giving 35000 rs.
WHAT IS WRONG:he wasnt present in india at the time of accident,.....he came to india after the assurance that he will not be arrested in india.nw wen he comes u arrest him...is it rite? apart from that there are so many killers who get bail why shouldnt he.moreover its the court who decides this....and demanding his extradition nw is ....dont u thnk utterly futile ....he is atleast over 85 yrs...... wat will indian court do after his extradition.........again a case will go on for atleast 7-8 yrs ...by then he will be dead....and 25 yrs hav passed had the extradition been demanded at the time of incident us govt could hav considered it ...US has one of the most transparent extradition norms...mind u.

n pls dont consider any political bias in d same...........
".people who blame congress responsible are totally wrong...it cannot be completely held responsible.....why.....1) because after the accident BJP was in power for more than 10 yrs.... if it wanted it culd hav done a lot in this matter .2) the case was going on in the district court of bhopal ....madhya pradesh and its chief minister is shivraj singh chauhan ..of BJP and before that uma bharti also belonginging to BJP at that time...For wat congress is responsible of is ..lack of stringent decisions at the time of accident when rajiv gandhi was tha pm...just came into power for 2 months or so...after the death of indira gandhi....

WHAT IS WRONG:did they arrest someone? iam not sure!.... u hav to check for it......and ......u cannot ask the same amount of money even if the same incident had taken place in india .....because one has to prove the worth of damage done to an individual ..what was his earnings wat his life expectancy etc etc...on this depends the succour he receives...for a person working in the factory for ten thousan a month and is of 45 ysr od age cannot ask for 100 crores if he gets handicapped....and this not a rule set for an international company...it is also valid for the indian companies...and do we knw hw much india has already got from the union carbide?....iam not sure............... are u?....the thin is it has not gone in the rite hands....merely getting the andersen back wont serve.



and at last i wud like 2 thank a frnd of mine -tejas......for giving some valuable insights.....
actually he hs witnessed d whole incidence.

thats all 4 nw....waiting 4 ur valuable comments......


Saturday, July 10, 2010


After thinking for a long time i am going to write my new blog on the title “living life on the edge”. There’s a famous quote which goes-

"Most People Die When They're 23 and Aren't Buried Until They're 70!"
~ Benjamin Franklin

This quote is truly applicable in our life also. We always try to find some sort of logic or rhythm in our life but it ultimately makes our life quiet predictable and boring. Today we are also operated like a machine and this predictability have made our life as hell. And to add our irony we this kind of change in our life as maturity.

But this kind of maturity is nothing but a fucking nonsense. Life is to be lived with innocence not maturity. It should be lively and full of couloirs and enthusiasm. Do something different today. Something fun. Something you've always wanted to do but couldn't. Stop waiting for that perfect time or moment. If its not in your budget, find a way or keep saving, and do something else that is fun. Don't let money stop you. In fact don’t let anything stop you.

On the edge is where you live life completely. It’s where you take risks and go for the things you want. It’s a way of living where you are liberated from your own limitations and no longer prisoner to them. It’s an awakening to living your life the way it was meant to be lived.

Thus it goes without saying that life is to be lived on the edge. If you want to sing then just sing, want to slap ur boss then slap him. Do everything which u can say its crazy and then see how the life changes. Life is a crazy in nature itself so how cum u avoid doing crazy things.

I hope this message goes to all my readers and could bring some urgently required changes. Never play safe in ur life. Always take risks and challenges.

Thats all for today! Would come wid smthing xciting next time. Don’t 4get to give ur valuable comments. Till then



Wednesday, July 7, 2010






Monday, April 26, 2010

college life @ nitp

There are two facets of college life which i have experienced here at nitp. when i compare my college life wid my school life my memories go for a walk down the lane. Scrolling past my memory nostalgia sweeps me off the feet. School life and College life, the fun, the differences, the lessons learnt always has sparked off a debate as to which of them is the most influential.

My school life was fun. No REAL pressure to perform, no projects to do. The only place where you do nothing and be happy. Except for the occasional quarterly, half-yearly and annual exams, exams sound greek and latin to me! School was the place which taught me the value of friendship and to love friends.
But college life is the real catalyst to an unending world of fun, mis-understandings, sharing and true friends stick together, they get together. College life and hostel fun teaches you a world of good characters, to help, to adjust and to get to know many people truely. So School life is good. But College life is Better.

This is how i go about my college life at first thought. but when i had a deeper brood over it i realised i never had a college life. I have right now given my 6th sem exams and after a year i would complete my btech degree. But there is really nothing much which i can carry from this college apart from that btech degree. In name of college life we are living in a real hell surrounded with demons. Three fourth of college students don’t get hostels n those one fourth left are not fortunate either. In name of hostels its just a room made of bricks with hell lot of problems out there. The college ends before it starts. To be honest there is no such boundary where we could say that this belongs to nitp students. Its simply open to ALL!

The problem doesn’t end here only. In name of education we are cheated only. Cheated in names of exams viva labs project etc. Nothing is relevant in this college.everything is done for the sake of doing only. We even don’t have qualified teachers and those who are there are only for crushing students.

“ I bet this is the only college of india where a teacher sets record by spoiling the life of maximum number of students”. And they say this bravely and openly and nobody could challenge them. And i even advise you to never do so because you will be in a greater problem thereafter.

Corruption is so widespread that it takes a full year to complete a lawn tennis court. And to add to our woes its not even completed till date. Every year we get a whole lot of promises which i don’t think is going to be realised over. There is no scope for creativity in this college. If you are a mediocre then you are lucky else you will suffocate every tick of the second. Don’t think that i am exaggerating they are worse than my words.

But unfortunately we cant do anything and just say this is ours fate, destiny or whatever you may call. But in the meanwhile we lost our college life,ours share of fun and many things else.

Being an optimist i still feel that these doomsday would end some day and our coming generation would see the PHOENIX!!@@