Sunday, August 29, 2010


"Goth",so much hyped a word that now a cliche for d genX.but often misinterpreted as being connected with Satanistic views,following
the devil,and being the perpetrators of intolerence,revenge and vendalism.Media rolls gothic as being bigoted,violent and sado-masochists.
but i think in 1 way or the other,we are gothic followers
Actually,Goths are non-violent,pacifistic,passive and tolerent.
Chronically,gothic culture evolved from the visigoth tribes,that once overthrew the roman kingdom,being barberian and extrimists in approach
but fighting for the just.Oky much from the history class.Basically,what i found striking are d similarities of the gothic advent in each and
every one of us,plz dont think its heuristics
what we ,the Genx want,we try for it,fail,but try untill we get what we think is bound for us,what our conscience
allows to be right.Fail and fall do pains,but we enjoy this pain.We take life as being a short sojourn,where you need to be
selfish and ruthless,whether ya like it or not.In this boulevard,through which we travel to complete this journey,we do commit
sins,and if we think it to be just,we goths are proud of that.we are proud to degrade our body and our relations(i aint talking about piercing),
for sucess.We believe there is not a single reason to waste time thinking for those who dont matter at all.We know the pain of berefting,
feel for it,we feel d hate for war,racism and these nasty but gothic topics,we expirience hate,we practice love.We know death is
bound in life,but we believe death and pain being a quest for immortality,we try to find the beauty of life and death,of pain and happiness,
of love and hate.
being a democratic in political views,we cant tolerate our suppression of any genre. we believe and inculcate those ideals and
values which are cultivated on our heuristics.We love to question.We want our answer,the just one.We just dont testify facts,we trust our conscience
and try to test it on expirience.And if our conscience allows,we do it,not bothering a least about it being a sin,we relate it being a prideful
situation,and there is not a single reason to repent.
We connect,we enjoy our networking,we like to be social,and follow equality in approach and advent.
We want to try and challenge everything,which pushes us onto it.We believe each one has equal right to do what the symbiosis of one's metaself and conscience
According to gothic literature,BIBLE is interpreted as condemning to hell all Buddhists,hindus,and other religion,which they feel idiosyncratic to
christianity.The Bible says,"god detests the retarded,and other aborted fetuses,retarded are repulsive to God".It says they are an abomination and not more than
slobering stammering animals.Basically pointing to each one of us,whether retarded in approach or values,both as well defined in the Holy book,
(which we dont bother to follow).I know your synaptic structures,would be turned up at talking on the Holy Bible,But its true,upto my knowledge,and research(a bit).
I only point on this idea that we,the followers of equality to all,soverign in approach and confident of our conscience,
being open to lateral and parallel thinking and questioning.Lovers of questioning each and everything that points to us really do testify us being "Goth".
(Besides,i include the fan of korn ,greenday and lovers of the dark clotes,LOL)

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