Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Responsibility

As we celebrate our 64th independence day today, once again we will go through our rhetoric talk of national pride and progress. Elders will criticize the young for lack of values & corrupt mentality , for lack of respect towards the country and its hard-fought independence; youth will condemn the drama of celebrating the I-day for it doesn’t mean anything to 500 millions poor of India . We will play this game for a while and put aside till next I-day or R-day Pops up.
One of the eternal qualities of being an Indian is to deflect our responsibilities on others. Not only we don’t do anything, we rebuke those who do. We Disparage their achievements. And if this doesn’t work, then We adulate them. Yes, you read it right- we praise them excessively.
Surprised??? Strange are the ways of mind and more strange are its Logic. It can go to any extend to protect its dignity and bootlicking is certainly no exception.
Have you ever wondered why we worship a RAMA, aKRISHNA, a JESUS or a BUDDHA? Why we attribute them with divine qualities? Think for a moment, how insulting will it be for our minds to acknowledge that they were Humans. Isn’t it a matter of great shame? Today in an age where we kill our siblings for a piece of land, How can we follow a guy who left his entire kingdom for his younger brother? No, we can not follow him.
Intelligent as we always have been, we upgrade him to 1st A.C. - the untouchable to the masses who travel in sleepers. We elevate him to the status of God. Now it becomes easier for our WOUNDED EGOS to accept his greatness. "How could he leave his entire kingdom to his brother?", he could because he was the avatar of Vishnu .But we are not.
Thus we defended our selfishness and our greed. We have created a system, a full-proof system against the preaching and practices of these great men. As soon as a child is born, we teach him to worship. No, we do not teach him to respect great souls. Infect we, with our pompous vocabulary, magnify their divine nature to Leave no doubt in the minds of a small child that he cant accomplish this for he is no "Son of God". And when our parents see us worshiping, they become happy for having Safe-guarded the honour of humanity for one more generation, they feel proud for escaping our responsibilities of loving our neighbours and live in peace, for one more time.
Look at the irony, today we are fighting for a piece of land to erect a temple of a person who had no interest in owning up any land himself.
And here we are, celebrating our independence day, playing a blame game as usual to downplay those who fought for our freedom. Some blame Gandhi for pakistan problem, some others call Azad a maoist. Rest of us blame the current crop of politicians, poverty, illiteracy and blah, blah, blah for the problems. We just keep shifting the blame. IF Asked, why don’t you do something for this nation like bhagat singh did, our WOUNDED EGOshots back immediately -"Well, he could because he was Bhagat singh, but i am not".
written by dhakare sir!

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