Saturday, June 4, 2011

My top 10 views about Congress and UPA.

My Top 10 views about Indian National Congress and UPA.

Thought being the main rulling party in India, Congress has made this country hell.
  1. This party ruled this country for 48 of the 60 years since independence in 1947.
    And being the main party congress is the main accused of poverty and corruption spread in India.
  2. This party has brought corrupton in politics.
  3. It make history and help make A.Raza
  4. The Congress simply ignores anti-national forces and lets them run riot while heaping praise on the dynasty. Nothing else matters for the party.
  5. India tops the list for black money in the entire world with almost US$1456 billion in Swiss bank.According to the data provided by the Swiss Banking Association Report (2006), India has more black money than the rest of the world combined.Indian Swiss bank account assets are worth 13 times the country’s national debt. And congress is the major share holder.
  6. This party is the party of puppets.
  7. Out of Top 10 Corruption Scams in India . Here are some scams that is the milestone of congress in the world of corruption in politics.
    (a) 2G spectrum scam- Rs.176,379 crore. Made A.Raja to secure no.2 position in corruption .
    (b) Commonwelth Games scam.
    (c) Bofors scam
    (d) Satyam scam
    (e) Adarsh Scciety scam
  8. This party has killed the spirit of democracy.
  9. UPA should support Baba Ramdev movement againg corruption but this government made a big mistake by arresting him.
  10. And at last but not least I will never cast my vote for congress in my life.
                                 By- Ashish Kumar Ranjan

Sunday, May 8, 2011


she presumed you were always right,
this was on which she strived.

u broke her, she recollected,
to give the impression that she resurrected.

it didn't matter you were right or wrong,
she was always there to assure you are strong.

make your own way, feel the pain she said,
disambiguous she always was to take all that sprain,
which came in your sojurn,
and she was the most concerned.

now at this stage of life crossing,
and the days still passing.
i turn back to see no one else in the trailed darkness,
where your hope was always there to show me the sharpness,
the passion,the skill,to speciate the wholeness and partness.

you were a beacon for me all through the sojurn,
to guide me to row through this ocean on my stern.

i know mom,you are still there waving me a good bye,
where i started to get in the endeavour and turn into a man from a boy,
wishing me all the luck,success and joy,
to get the glory,the pride and the foy.

i know i cant return anything back for what you did for me mom,
but i would always wish you be with me all along.

happy mother's day

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