Wednesday, July 28, 2010


 once a woman activist jokingly said to a judge in Ahmadabad "sexual harassment are like god, they are everywhere."
How safe are girls in India ? From the recent alleged sexual harassment of national level hockey player by their coach Maharaj Krishan Kaushik (Arjun Award Winner in 1998);former member of gold medalist of Summer Olympic in 1980 to the thousands of uninformed case, women are not safe anywhere.Majority of Indian Hockey Player come from poor economic background and small districts.Coach Kaushik is a powerful in Hockey administration ,so it takes a great will power and  effort to complain against him. Poet Anasuya Dutt once said "In too many countries ,too many women speaks the same language-of silence". Brave  RANJHITA DEVI break the rule. The Greater Ranjhita Devi send a latter to Indian Hockey Federation alongwith the signature of 31 other Iandian women hockey player regarding the alleged sexual harassment by coach Kaushik and controversial videographer M.Basavaraja. She has done the great job. HATE OFF TO HER AND 31 TEAM MEMBER FOR BREAKING THE SILENCE AND STARTING THE NEW REVOLUTION AGAINST SEXUAL-HARASSER.
Like every sexual harasser  do Kaushik did the same.It is a familiar tricks adopted by every Kaushik - blame the women , make her "badnaam", disgrace her in front of family and friend, shred her reputation , ruin her future. It is easy - She is a soft target.She has everything to loose. Most times, the man has nothing at stack - not even their reputation and job.After all he are a man.Kaushik allegedly declared during his team tour to New Zealand in 2003-"sex is good ,anyone interested in sex can come to me".Shame on him and our society that gave power to the corrupts. Kaushik has already drowned the career of brilliant of Indian Women hockey`s captain Helen Mary,who tried to complain against him.   

  • As observed by honorable justice Arjit Pasayat "while a murderer destroys the physical frame of the victim, a sexual harasser degrades and defiles the soul of a helpless female"
  1. According to official statics of 1991,one woman is molested every 26 minute. These statics refer to the reported case. Whereas if the unreported case were to be matter , it would be of seconds rather than minutes.
  2. 31% of the female workers claimed to have been harassed at work  
  3. 62% of targets took no actionStudies suggest anywhere between 40-70% of women has experience sexual harassment in any form at work place. 
  4. Studies suggest anywhere between 40-70% of women has experience sexual harassment in any form at work place. Studies suggest anywhere between 40-70% of women has experience sexual harassment in any form at work place.
                                There are thousands of Kaushiks fearlessly running around the world. Unfortunately , we lack the will to pursue sexual harassment case in India.They are just  not considered 'serious' enough.  What is the little 'masti' between the sexes ?  It is not harmful fun ! no sir ,it`s. Sexual harassment against women will be checked if Ranjhita like brave victim will open their mouth against their tormentor.The step taken by Ranjhita is highly appreciable . We need more Ranjhita to weed out this evil from the society.
                                         WELL DONE RANJHITA!!


  1. great buddy....thanks for providing with the insights of this grave problem...its a real shame for all Indians collectively....

  2. commendable job.Thanks for the insight.I hope others can become aware of this problem which is so deeply rooted in our society.After all, AWARENESS PRECEDES CHANGE.

  3. thanks dhakare sir and avinash for their comments.