Sunday, August 15, 2010

Images – Editors Note April 2010

We are engineers; we are expected to employ a technology for the benefit of the society. For centuries we have churned out machines which have eased the comfort of mankind. Every time an emergence of a technology has brought a radical change in the lives of people. If it was mechanical machines in the 18th century, the dominance of steam engine in the 19th century or the emergence of Silicon Valley in the 20th century today we have the 21st century rightly known as the information age. Hence there is no surprise that we see so many technical institutes being resurrected to obtain professionals who can work in the industries which employ these technologies. For instance, we saw many private technical institutes coming up in the past couple of decades to support the emergence of computer science and information technology field of study in India.
Our institute is among the oldest technical institute in the nation. Over the years technocrats graduating form this institute have contributed in their respective domains. Times have changed and new avenues and opportunities have knocked our doors. One such change has been the manner in which the technical institute across the nation organizes technical festivals to bring large number of students under a single roof to give them a platform to come up with innovative products which can inspire the whims and fantasies of all around us. These technical festivals are organized to serve the basic purpose of sharing new ideas which can catch the attention of masses and can be later utilized by our industries. We just concluded our own technical festival CORONA, however each one of us must ask this question to our selves whether we succeeded in satisfying the very purpose which led us to organize an event like this. Today we measure the success of these technical festivals by the profile of the celebrity who performed in them. I don’t blame the organizer for such a miscalculation, they are in-fact poor fellows who in order to acquire some management skills to show in their CV’s are desperate to provide us with entertainment that majority of us are more concerned about. We are obviously not suffering with the deficiency of talented individuals. It is applauding that the efforts which we exert to produce wonderful robot, models, software’s, presentations…yes we are definitely talented in our respective fields and we also have the passion to put in our efforts that can satisfy our vanity. So, all we have to do is slightly change of our mind set and understand the significance of these technical events because if some day any of us is able to innovate something vital, that will be enough to draw people’s attention which will sustain more than the attention generated by any celebrity .

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