Sunday, August 1, 2010


It occurred to me kind of mysteriously after reading a newsletter from Washington Post and getting to know how JUSTIN BIEBER shot to fame after his mom posted his video on YOUTUBE and after a series of events that got triggered he got to perform at the White House. He is can you believe it more famous than Jesus at least on Twitter, and fellaz ….he is just 16.

LADY GAGA beat MADONNA in her own game. And sold more than 8 million copies of her latest album and 20 million of her singles, all thanks to her 2.8 million Twitter followers and more than 5.2 million Facebook fans.

Welcome to the new world.Generations come and generations go and they leave there impact on this world. The generation of Baby Boomers is retiring and a whole new, totally different one is emerging, ready to take on the world.


Even in INDIA we see SANIA MIRZA( considering the bright side of her), SAINA NEHWAL,IRFAN PATHAN, DARSHEEL SAFARI and the list goes on. They are winning everywhere and cashing in a hell lot of moolah, riding a hell lot of fame. They are making their country, their state, their city, their parents PROUD.

In fact, they seem to be popping-up everywhere. The latest ad of INTEL in a way mimics the thought process of this generation.

The tagline goes-“They come from around the world. then they go out and change it”. INTEL: SPONSERS OF TOMORROW.

The ad encases the role of these younger minds in solving tomorrow’s biggest challenges. Even scientist are getting younger. Moving over old, wild Einstein, the image of a new scientist is a cool, smart kid! They are MILLENNIAL.

A few years ago you saw them fly past you in cars driven by their parents with the ‘Baby on Board’ stickers on them. A research by PEWS Research tells that this is the most educated generation and with a large spending power and a lot of brand awareness. They grew up with computers, mobiles, iPods & Xbox. They like to live on internet with big families. They are multi-taskers. They check the website before going the market. This generation is very hard working, talented, confident and a lot more connected and open to change.

This new Millennial generation of ours which seems to have no time to waste. If aliens may not be as sweet as ‘E.T.’ or ‘Jaadoo’ according to Stephen Hawkins, for they may rip our earth apart for their own good, so are we great for friends and for foes…BEWARE..

So what’s there in store for us ahead? For a generation that is extremely Tech-savvy, doesn’t care much about ethics. For a generation that’s expert in multi-tasking, prefers to climb Mount Everest than doing summer jobs. YES we DRINK but for fun not abuse.

Older folks if we call them Baby Boomers as they belong to that league from 1950’s they have being calling the shots till now.

In a bigger picture:-

The Boomers lived by: Just do it!!!

The Gen Xers( mid-age fellahs) lived by: Why do it!!!

And guess what it’s us the Millennial who live by: We did it!!!

We are here to be bang on target and live our big size life. We are not used to take NO as an answer.


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