Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It has been a long time since i have written something.Actually i have been thinking of writing something for the past few days but because of paucity of time i wasnt able to do so.But now i am back with a topic which is disturbing me for the last few days.

Its related to politics again....as we listen these days that there has been a huge hue and cry for three fold salary hike of the members of parliament and in this regard the government has granted a two fold increase also but still those bastards are not satisfied...."LUDICROUS"...its the only word that can be uttered in the current day scenario....

Our nation is facing the problem of inflation.its now in two digits.but still one says
"This salary is an insult to parliament.
The bill should be torn to pieces"

ridiculous...don't you people think that there are many other bigger insults that our parliament should bother about...today we are on the verse of organizing an event where the prestige of each and every Indian is at stake...yup i am talking about CWG.but on that issue these "political thinkers" are playing blame game on each other.Other burning issues like pathetic condition of people in J&K go completely unnoticed but these idiots are shouting about their salary hike.

Here are some alarming but realistic data which i would like to share over here....
1)now after the hike the salary of each MP is 68 times more than what the average Indian earns today.
2)our MP take more money than their counterparts in developed countries like Japan,Singapore and Italy.
3)if u include all allowances,perks etc the gross salary crosses Rs 37 lakhs a year which is more than reasonable.

Then also they are not contented.Lok sabha has become a club of millionaire these days but still they are clamoring for more.They are supposed to be the servant of people but today they have become a parasite who thrive on the blood of millions of poor.

Its a matter of shame for all Indian.these greedy politicians have become the order of the day.They should not forget that voters are watching them very carefully.

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