Monday, August 16, 2010


If you take the responsibility to change yourself you can change the whole world…………….
On this special occasion of our independence day, let me first clarify you the meaning of “freedom”. Freedom has a very special interconnection with discipline. Most of us consider that discipline is like an obstacle on the way to freedom, isn’t it?
But, discipline actually gives us freedom. To clarify this I want to cite some examples.
The first one comes from our daily life. Most of us must have seen a train. As long as it is disciplined on its track, it has got freedom of its speed. As it violates the discipline it loses its freedom. Then, how can we say discipline is an obstacle? No, it’s not an obstacle. It is the way to freedom. On this way sometime we see different type of behaviour which seems to be unkind to be kind. Just for example
When a giraffe gives birth to a baby giraffe, as the baby giraffe falls down from mother contact, the mother gives a kick to her child and the child jumps. Again she gives one more kick. Is the behaviour of giraffe is like a mother? Of course yes. She is unkind to be kind, because she knows it is necessary for the survival of baby giraffe. The baby giraffe will have to stand on his feet, so that he may save his life from predators. Here discipline is an act of love.
Another example comes from human life. When one thief was accused and the judge sent him jail, then he said, send my parents too, to the jail. Because, they said nothing when I stole a pen for the first time, they said nothing when I stole a jewel for the first time. They never disciplined my life, that’s why I am away from freedom. That means discipline is the way towards freedom.
Parenting is not a popularity context. Sometimes parents will have to be unkind to be kind. This is the most typical war of the world, where both of them will have to win. People who have never learnt to obey can never command either.
People always say that, they don’t have time. Time is going with great speed. But this is not true. Time is not going. We are going here and there.
“Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it present”
At last I want to mention one more thing. Absence of illness doesn’t mean a good health. If you have never been defeated in your life, it doesn’t mean you are a universal winner.
So let’s take an oath on this independence-day that we will discipline our life to get the freedom.
Jay hind

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