Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Although I won't be happy if Common Wealth Games are ruined but at some point i seem to agree with Mr. Aiyar.The fact that the leaders of this country are obsessed with organising show piece events like CWG and are not even a bit interested in the health of sports overall is an ALARM in itself.Since the permission for hosting CWG has been granted, a whole new government machinary is in work to disguise DELHI under the Flyovers and Ringroads.Even then,if the stadiums are unfinished and swimming pools are under-furnished,it highlights the the lack of commitment at the top level.Enough has been said about the Beijing olympics and lot will be talked about the way London is gearing up for Olympics 2012.But lets be really frank, we can not match them for these nations are financialy sound but how do we rate ourselves against the Southafricans.Hosting FIFA World cup is a much tougher task and south africa did it so well,is a slap on Our face and our system and our planning.
The underlying problem is however totally different.Interest of the beaurocrates in hosting games is similar to some politically ambitious students engaged in organising cultural and tech fests in my college.None of them had anything to do with the quality of the events but filling their deep pockets. Also considering,We simply dont have an ionising atmosphere for hosting these games and public at large,feels disconnected with the whole tantrums going on,it clearly shows we are yet to evolve as a sports loving country and a lot is needed to improve the condition of the sports.Did you ever hear any government official or minister talking about the players and sprorts and passion related to it,the kind games are known for producing.Hope next time, when we will host such an event then object of focus would be the performance of the players rather than the performance of the government.

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  1. really sir i agree with you....in our country/college the purpose of any event is to just organize it...no body is worried about the standards, feelings and all other abstract associated with it....here the sole purpose of organizing something is some cheap monetary benefit which really harms the spirit of the event...on papers no doubt we can show it...but in our heart there remains a deep grave...hope some day someone would take some real initiatives....noble and non-materialistic....