Monday, April 26, 2010

college life @ nitp

There are two facets of college life which i have experienced here at nitp. when i compare my college life wid my school life my memories go for a walk down the lane. Scrolling past my memory nostalgia sweeps me off the feet. School life and College life, the fun, the differences, the lessons learnt always has sparked off a debate as to which of them is the most influential.

My school life was fun. No REAL pressure to perform, no projects to do. The only place where you do nothing and be happy. Except for the occasional quarterly, half-yearly and annual exams, exams sound greek and latin to me! School was the place which taught me the value of friendship and to love friends.
But college life is the real catalyst to an unending world of fun, mis-understandings, sharing and true friends stick together, they get together. College life and hostel fun teaches you a world of good characters, to help, to adjust and to get to know many people truely. So School life is good. But College life is Better.

This is how i go about my college life at first thought. but when i had a deeper brood over it i realised i never had a college life. I have right now given my 6th sem exams and after a year i would complete my btech degree. But there is really nothing much which i can carry from this college apart from that btech degree. In name of college life we are living in a real hell surrounded with demons. Three fourth of college students don’t get hostels n those one fourth left are not fortunate either. In name of hostels its just a room made of bricks with hell lot of problems out there. The college ends before it starts. To be honest there is no such boundary where we could say that this belongs to nitp students. Its simply open to ALL!

The problem doesn’t end here only. In name of education we are cheated only. Cheated in names of exams viva labs project etc. Nothing is relevant in this college.everything is done for the sake of doing only. We even don’t have qualified teachers and those who are there are only for crushing students.

“ I bet this is the only college of india where a teacher sets record by spoiling the life of maximum number of students”. And they say this bravely and openly and nobody could challenge them. And i even advise you to never do so because you will be in a greater problem thereafter.

Corruption is so widespread that it takes a full year to complete a lawn tennis court. And to add to our woes its not even completed till date. Every year we get a whole lot of promises which i don’t think is going to be realised over. There is no scope for creativity in this college. If you are a mediocre then you are lucky else you will suffocate every tick of the second. Don’t think that i am exaggerating they are worse than my words.

But unfortunately we cant do anything and just say this is ours fate, destiny or whatever you may call. But in the meanwhile we lost our college life,ours share of fun and many things else.

Being an optimist i still feel that these doomsday would end some day and our coming generation would see the PHOENIX!!@@

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