Sunday, September 12, 2010


Ah! another subversive news of the eluded CWG (corruption wali games).This time the indian context of corruption reflects
through 12 doping test failed atheletes.It looks like the whole universe is conspiring against the games,"no way!d games shouldnt happen".So much bizzare melodrama already meld with the games and now we have these pill-popping athletes,who wanted to boost up adrenalin before the show.Apparently,the coach said "oh!we didn't know these drugs were banned",as if something like methyl-hexane-amine could just be a juice with the snacks!. Anyway.why to blame the coaches,lame excuses and covering our corrupted naked ass is the cornerstone of how the non chalant Indian Govt. and its staff of millions function.
I just dont get what the Govt. is doing these days.The news of naxals' attacks hover now a days and we being acclimatize,to it taking the news as just a normal cliche.They harass us every now and then,and this punk govt. emanating a lack of will power.Its like the whole system is handcuffed before them.I am not being portentous to talk about the naxals,in gung-ho.I am just poking towards how numb the Govt. is being by not taking a mere strong action against them.
If the Govt. tries it can punish people swiftly,our children will know that whats wrong wont be tolerated at all,despite the circumstances.Its just hogwash and frankly ,it wont take much to do a speedy trial & toss the accused in jail (talking abt d CWG).But no,our Govt. can barely do dat,it can only manage portfolios for the next tenure.And demeanour towards addition of credentials of being ranked 84th in corruption across countries,failiures of hosting CWG(dont even think abt d olympics
in comparison),internal militency.......the list goes on.
I am not aleast prerogated to challenge the Indian setup,to question on the constitution,but basically i feel now its time to knudge this setup a bit.One news flashed in "the Hindu",pervaded me to think in this sort of way.- "Hearing a petition filed by the People's union for civil liberties to the streaming of the PDS(public dist. system),A bench of justices gave directive to distribute to the destitute,grains,at no cost(very low cost).On that,our respected(!!!!) minister sharad powar said,"it isnt possible to implement court's suggestion,coz the Govt. is already providing subsidy.Hearing that, the honerable justices said,
"It wasnt a suggestion mr. powar,its our order,dont misunderstand it as a suggestion".And the court didnt make a lame decision(we know dat),it reffered to the 50,000 tonnes of wheat being deteriorated to zilch,also pointing towards several lakh tonnes of wheat not even been preserved
You would now be getting my point,I basically feel that one of the four pillars of indian setup,is now turmoiled,not enough strong to hold the Indian redtape .obv. I am talking about the legislature.The politicians!(the cliched corrupt) these berk hooligans,wearing a goodwill persona,at voting time,leverging the innocent destitute,so as to get their vote,having corrupt and mean political aims,ready to get into the system,so as to fill up their pockets,are the wolf in the herd.A stigma for todays setup,they simply strifle the executives' and press' will.They have made
the mockery of indian setup,deciphering that in India,we reward the corrupt and connected & punish the hardworking & diligent,with inflation & taxes and by stealing their money(one of the root cause of naxals' revolt against harassment,i m not going in detail here now).The executives having uncomparable mastery at running the setup & planning are stymied by being treated as mere servents to these berk politicians. These zilch politician make mockery of voting,it feels shame and detestable that we are being represented by them(I am not talking about the exceptions).
So,better to chastise this filthy pillar and empower the strong ones-Judiciary,executives and press.The new setup should be-Judiciary being the dominant one.If anyone is having trouble,the press would make ones presence felt,would empower one to call for justice,and this time the executives not draped by the legislature,they will be helping the judiciary to implement their orders.the funds this time not being given in hands of the politicians(All know how much % of it is they used for the development!).this time the guarenteer
should be the judiciary,and executives should be incharge.So,What the legislature should do? Just try to follow the orders of the respected justices,and pass bills,laws and ammendments(only thing on which they have upper hand).Empowering the press is the best option,to make our voice heard(not to worry abt the misuse,the court is there).But in retrospect i think,the idea would just be a zilch,a travesty of unfulfilled dreams,coz here, i am talking about the Indian context!

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