Monday, August 16, 2010

Simply blogging !

Many times small things attract us. Like writing this blog today brought me to my pen. Writing is a bit difficult task. Assembling your thoughts and arranging them in a correct manner is a good exercise of mind. It becomes little more difficult for a first semester student as they have given full rest to their mind after their entrance tests.
Fine. When this blog writing competition was announced (two days ago) many topics came in my mind. Independence day is at door and it was obvious to have the first topic (among the many) related to our “glorious Independence day” . One second ! is the word “glorious” still has its sense? 15th of august is now a simple holiday: once in an year-whole day to rest-T.V channels flooded with patriotic movies-few loudspeakers screaming at schools:”the old Manoj Kumar Songs.” I have no intention to write next of this blog blaming others, because I think you can’t blame others if you have the very fault in yourself. I too have ignored this day many times-first for boards(10th) and then for many other reasons… But even after all these things watching small child going to schools with full makeup, costumes and tricolour gives the “glorious ” sense to this day.
Many more topics came in my mind-like ‘the Commonwealth games’: now what to write over Mr. Kalmadi. If I am writing anything on Commonwealth games (in delhi this year which I think is heading for a failure) Mr.Kalmadi is sure to crept in and my pen refuges to write over him. How can I write over someone who is still holding his post even after such a huge ‘Ghotala’. Shameless people should not be highlighted.
“Sports”-no. “politics”-big no-no. now one thing which is really worth noticing is the drug addiction in youth. Youngsters chewing tobacco or smoking is very common in trains, buses or at other public places. This is a serious concern. What is the meaning of education if ‘we’ are still not able to choose between right and wrong? Smoking has become a status symbol. Over 60% of the youngsters of age group 13to25 are having these habits. In Patna you can even find small boys of 8to10 yrs.chewing tobacco. Huh-and we are talking of shining India.
Few things come as shock to us if we think deeply over them. Two or three days ago I saw a women at an entrance of ‘Gandhi Maidan’-half naked, bees flying all around her body, with a small baby in her hand and the other two sitting there totally naked –starving for food. Now just think how many times do we think before wasting our food..NOT EVEN ONCE.
Today this blog writing helped me put my thoughts over here. Something was inside me for many days-boiling and itching. Now I feel relived. I don’t know when again I will write …may be after this writing gets some notice.

Kumar Udbhav
Roll no.10A1031
1st semester
NIT Patna

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