Monday, August 16, 2010

Is really every Indian got freedom? Is it true?

We are going to celebrate the 63rd Independence Day in very few moments. Actually, I am writing this blog at 11:48pm of 14 Aug 2011 on special demand of my good friend AVI (know as JHA ji among our group).
I promised him in day to write this blog, but I couldn’t due to some busy schedule. Till now I don’t have any good topic to elaborate. At 11:50 I logged on my face book account, saw a photo of our national flag with heart touching feeling of freedom. Then I ask a Question to my self “do I really got my freedom ? “. My answer is no I am not free . and yours?
So guys please ask this question to your self once before reading this blog.
I am here elaborating some of the issues of real India.( not imaginary one )
Honor killing
When I read this word, couldn’t understand the meaning of this word. The Question is that how can some honor be bad? Indeed it is not a work of honor . actually ,this all the evils spawned by the feudal society, honor killing is arguably the most heinous. some Apologists try to equate it with “crime of passion” but crimes of passion are abrupt, unmediated, and impulsive acts of violence committed by persons who, in their own lights, have come face to face with an incident wholly repulsive and unacceptable and who technically, for the duration of the act, are insane and incapable of self-control. I have not been able to find as striking an example of genuine Honor killing
In India, to be young and in love has proved deadly for many young girls and boys in parts of north India as an intolerant and bigoted society refuses to accept any violation of its rigid code of decorum, especially when it comes to women. The two teenage girls who were shot dead in June 2010 by a cousin in Noida for daring to run away to meet their boyfriends are the latest victims of honor killings, a euphemism for doing away with anyone seen as spoiling the family’s reputation. Many such killings are happening with regularity in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh. These are socially sanctioned by caste panchayats and carried out by mobs with the connivance of family members.
People are sometimes murdered in Northern India (mainly in the Indian States of Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Bihar for marrying without their family’s acceptance, in some cases for marrying outside their caste (Jat or Rajput) or religion. Among Rajputs, marriages with other caste male/female instigate the killings of the married couple and family. This is unique form of honor killing related to the militant culture of ethnic Rajputs, who, despite the forces of modernization and the pressures of decolonization, subscribe to medieval views concerning the “preservation” of perceived “purity” of their lineage.
Haryana is one of the worst hit as far as honor killing is concerned. Even as rural Haryana remains in the stranglehold of the defiant caste panchayats, honor killings continue in their most horrible form
On June 21, 2010, the family members of a girl allegedly killed her and her teenaged lover and hanged them as exhibits in their house for the village to see their “fate.” Monika (18) and her lover Rinku (19), both from Jat families, were brutally killed for honor at Nimriwali village, near Bhiwani. The father of the girl, her brother, uncle and cousins are suspected to be behind the crime and are absconding.
The case was registered for murder and wrongful confinement on the basis of a complaint by Rinku’s uncle, Krishan Kumar. Police teams have been deputed to arrest the suspects named in the case. However, circumstances clearly suggest it to be an honor killing according to inspector Prem Singh, the investigating officer. Singh avoided enquiries as to who had informed the police and who first came to know about the incident.
Boys and girls, I think 75% from us are in love with some one . Hope if the same accident happened with or you would force to leave your loving one .
Then what would you do ?
Now ask the same question with you again? I think now you are agreeing with me? Infect, India got freedom from foreigner s. But This India could not gradual grownup by the time. We could not free our soul from casteism & corruptions. Our grandparents have done their part. Now it’s our turn to free our self from these two inner devils.
In hope of complete freedom !!

VANDE MATARAM!! Karan kant sharma

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