Monday, August 16, 2010


15 August is our Independence Day. This default date in Indian history may be chosen by Lord Mountbatten in a whim. I have gathered many facts from internet to write on this topic, but when I think deeply, found nothing to do with reality. On deep search we may find some bitter truth about India, which may upset us. India has become a country of political corruption. What will happen to a country, where powers are in hands of corrupt people? Here you may see, child laborer working in common house and in road-side dhabas, against child labor rule. We are the country of malnutrition. This is not because our production is less, but it is due to that, food lost during post-harvest is about 35%. We are among top position holder countries in corruption. Nowadays all news-paper are full of CWG scam. We spend 17 times more money in organizing CWG, but still we lack. India has become second largest populated country in the world, and this is the only thing we can count as an achievement after nation freedom. We are happy with a few medals in Olympic. We do not see the achievement of China, or we do not want to notice it. Even after 63 years of Independence, we are counting people on the basis of caste. Here we do protest against our system not because of lacking behind in development, but because of reservation for a particular caste or society. Our country is no-1 in work but only on paper. All the building and constructions are made only on paper. Red-tapism has become the national culture in every department. Far from my childhood, I used to learn that India is come ambivalent country. Now it`s ambivalent nature has become its major drawback. We could stand with a firm idea.

Now not far, come to our college, we are future`s so called the engineers. Are we the pride of our nation? Majority of our college student`s attitude are worse than an illiterate. Engineer means one who invents something new. What will we invent with this type of attitude?

Eve-teasing, exploitation, power show off has become has become the regular part of our college. Where are we going? What the mess I am writing here on the eve of our great Independence Day! At least this day, I should write the words in appreciation for our country. I am not doing this because only I, we, the youth of India can change the destiny of our country!

The Independence Day of any country is a moment of pride and glory. It happens with me too. I have a keen respect for the Freedom Fighters. I salute them. Our country needs you again! Come! Let help us to free the country from corruptions.

We the engineers can do the great job for our country, which politicians could not in 63 years. Make India a developed country, without corruption and red-tapism. Let`s come together and take an oath that we will not be involved in any corruption and will raise voice against corrupts. That`s all we need and one day we will see India, a country whose name will be pronounced with respect.


written by ashish!

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