Saturday, March 6, 2010

Petty man's story

The gentleman understands righteousness, the petty man understands interest. 
Being a silent watcher to every single event that seizes the campus attention for almost three years now has rendered me dumbfounded. Not only this is the sole reason for me to take the pain and sit around like an idiot and write ma perception on this melodrama. The bigger picture is that this bloody thing has now started taking some kind of toll on me.

Every time there is something buzzing around the talks of some fellas money gobbling becomes the talk of the town. Every time there is an event be it freshers, culturals or CORONA or whatever shit it could be a group of so called big shots of the college come around and try to take the center stage. Every time those faces seem similar.
I wonder where does the share of the booty goes and does it even go to someone and if it does how big it is. Does it make someone a millionaire or everything is a hearsay. Nobody knows but it is the same story every time.

With money you are a dragon, without money a worm. Everybody seems to know this. But how many of us know the the margin between the expenses incurred and the fund issued is practically pretty thin. I personally find it rhetorical in fact to an extent 

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