Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome to NIT Patna Reading Club

Fellow bibliophiles, come and write your mind out here.
Recently finished that romantic novel or it's about to be finished, wrote a poem or story or anything, went to a trip to some exotic location or heck just any location and got some snaps from there, watched a nail biting final on TV, a movie that you think every one should go for or may be shouldn't or there might be an incident from your school life you want to talk about ( e.g. your first crush :-) ) - just post it .. share it ... let others know what you know, you feel. All the best!


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  1. i have devised a new and unusual way of book selection hpe so that this will be fun reading books..
    Get all members to read a banned book and at the next meeting, get each member to describe the book, why it was banned, whether there was any justification for the ban and whether this book plays an important role in society. See if other members agree.
    Choose books by authors from a particular country – for example, Irish authors or Chinese authors. Meetings can follow the theme by having food, refreshments, music and soething to match the relevant country.
    Read pairings of a classical novel and its matching contemporary novel. For example, Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and there r lot ..Discuss if the contemporary novel enhances the old classic or even outranks it in terms of character, plot, setting, style, etc.
    Decide on a list of books that have won literary prizes or should have. This can be based on one particular prize – for example, the Pulitzer Prize – or any literary award. For genre fiction, books can be chosen based on awards within the genre – for example, books that have won the Crime Writers’ Association Dagger Awards.

    how about choosing a book with “time” in the title? For example, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and Love in the Time of Cholera by gebo.
    Read books by local authors, especially during times of local literary festivals promoting these authors .perhaps i dont know much abt those books,,
    Choose books themed by occasions in the annual calendar – for example, Mother’s Day and books about a mother’s love or Valentine’s Day and books involving tragic love-stories or even – to be a bit more creative – books with “red” in their title.,like a a little red book also called a quotation from mao
    Get every member to reread a childhood favourite and discuss why it is so beloved. Do any other members share the feelings about the same book or do they have radically different memories and perspectives?

    Theme book choices around the seasons – you can either match the seasons, thus reading books set in winter during the cold months or do the reverse and focus on books set in warm climates or with a sunny, warm summer atmosphere.
    Ask every member to try a genre they have never read before and discuss whether they enjoyed the foray into the unknown and if not, why not. Perhaps match this with a discussion of each member’s favourite genre and why. Obviously, this works better in a general interest book club.

    Have a political theme – select books that discuss social issues and current affairs, such as racism, euthanasia, homosexuality, poverty, crime, environment. Be sensitive, though, to members’ backgrounds and personal views – in some cases, it may be better to leave controversial books to a later time when members have gotten to know each other better.
    Choose books set in a particular time period or about a certain historical event. Perhaps match a work of fiction with one of non-fiction and / or biography – all related to that period.
    as you can see there r lot of way to choose book based on theme,may be this idea a make a lil fun too.

    rizwan ahmad khan
    nit patna

  2. no comments yet.....waitin hw u feel abt this idea.....

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  4. i think having group discussions on a particular novel/book is a good idea, however its a bit difficult to implement this concept coz first of all 7 days may not be sufficient for lot of us to finish reading a book with our syallabi and projects i guess we need to refine this idea...

  5. this is blog guys ...nything which is realted to students, even the matters of which v concerned of...are to b written here ...guess no rules n all .....let this blog b spot of discussion of all matters not like specific stuff .....dis wat i think----nitish mehtre...

  6. i agree with nitish.... come up wid anything... n jus write it down here

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    hope better luck next time ..........

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